Electronic Brake Controllers

Electric Brakes

How good are they?

They can be good, bad or excellent. To achieve an excellent result relies solely on you as a driver. You must familiarise yourself with the all the functions of the electric brake system.

Make certain you (the owner) read the instructions carefully, make sure that you have it committed to memory and you fully understand the instructions, and then examine the set up closely making sure you know the position/function of each knob, button, slide switch, indicator lamp and LED display. This is an absolute must as the controller is installed as a functioning unit but it must be tailored to the specification of you and the load you are carrying.

Next to get the most out of your electric brakes, it is advisable to practice some time before your planned trip by going to a quiet and open place near to your home and learn to apply the brakes, both by feel and by sound, gradually increasing speed as you become more and more comfortable, eventually moving to practice on quiet roads and streets.